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Human I-309 / CCL1 / TCA-3 Protein

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CCL1/TCA3Protein Product Information
Synonym:CCL1, SCYA1
Protein Construction:A DNA sequence encoding the human CCL1 (P22362) (Lys24-Lys96) was expressed, with a N-terminal Met.
Expressed Host:E. coli
Form & Shipping:In general, recombinant proteins are provided as lyophilized powder which are shipped at ambient temperature.
Bulk packages of recombinant proteins are provided as frozen liquid. They are shipped out with blue ice unless customers require otherwise.
CCL1/TCA3Protein QC Testing
Purity:> 95 % as determined by SDS-PAGE
Endotoxin:Please contact us for more information.
Stability:Samples are stable for up to twelve months from date of receipt at -70℃
Predicted N Terminal:Met
Molecule Mass:The recombinant human CCL1 consists of 75 amino acids and predicts a molecular mass of 8.7 KDa. It migrates as an approximately 9 KDa band in SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions.
Formulation:Lyophilized from sterile 40% acetonitrile, 0.1% TFA, 20% H2O
1. Normally 5 % - 8 % trehalose and mannitol are added as protectants before lyophilization. Specific concentrations are included in the hardcopy of COA.
2. Please contact us for any concerns or special requirements.
CCL1/TCA3Protein Usage Guide
Storage:Store it under sterile conditions at -70℃. It is recommended that the protein be aliquoted for optimal storage. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Reconstitution:A hardcopy of COA with reconstitution instruction is sent along with the products. Please refer to it for detailed information.

CCL1 or chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 1, also known as I-309 or TCA-3, is a member of the chemokine (C-C motif) ligand family. The C-C kemokines have two cysteines nearby the amino terminus. There have been at least 27 distinct members of this subgroup reported for mammals, called C-C chemokine ligands (CCL)-1 to 28. I-309/CCL1/TCA-3 interacts with the G protein-linked transmembrane chemokine receptors CCR8, and induces biochemical events that may result in the control of chemotaxis, proliferation, apoptosis and adhesion. It has been demonstrated that I-309/CCL1/TCA-3 displays chemotactic activity for monocytes and other cell types such as NK cells and dendritic cells, but not for neutrophils. Furthermore, as the only known physiological ligand for CCR8, I-309/CCL1/TCA-3 was identified as a potent inhibitor of HIV-1 envelope-mediated cell-cell fusion and virus infection. I-309/CCL1/TCA-3 induce significant levels of LTC4 from elicited eosinophils.

  • Miller MD, et al. (1992) The human cytokine I-309 is a monocyte chemoattractant. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 89 (7): 2950-4.
  • Roos RS, et al. (1997) Identification of CCR8, the receptor for the human CC chemokine I-309. J Biol Chem. 272 (28): 17251-4.
  • Oliveira SH, et al. (2002) Increased responsiveness of murine eosinophils to MIP-1beta (CCL4) and TCA-3 (CCL1) is mediated by their specific receptors, CCR5 and CCR8. J Leukoc Biol. 71(6): 1019-25.
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