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Baculovirus Insect Cell Platform

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Baculovirus insect cell expression system is an integral component of recombinant protein expression technologies. It has been widely used to produce proteins for basic life science research, such as functional genomics and signal transduction. Baculovirus insect cell expression system offers unique advantages over microbial expression system. Insect cells can fold and modify eukaryotic proteins posttranslationally more akin to mammalian cells compared to microbial or yeast cells. They are also ideal to express intracellular mammalian proteins, such as kinases, as well as secreted proteins that may possess negative (inhibitory or toxic) effects on the mammalian host cells.

The most popular baculovirus insect-cell protein expression system is the Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS), developed by Max Summers, Gale Smith and colleagues in Texas A&M Univeristy. BEVS can produce large quantities of posttranslationally modified enkaryotic proteins in a short period of time. Baculovirus expression system is widely used in virus vaccine development (such as influenza virus and HPV vaccine development), signal protein production, and cytokines production.

Sino Biological offers a full set of custom baculovirus protein expression services using Sf21 and Sf9 from Fall Army worm (Spodoptera frugiperda) or other cell lines. Services include:

  1. Gene synthesis with codon optimization
  2. High titer virus seed preparation
  3. Recombinant protein expression optimization
  4. Large scale baculovirus insect cell culture for bulk production
  5. Large scale protein purification.

To date, we have successfully expressed dozens of difficult-to-express recombinant proteins in the baculovirus insect cell culture system for multiple big pharmaceutical clients. Typically, we can deliver up to gram quantity of purified proteins in 7-9 weeks starting from DNA plasmid. We also have catalog proteins on shelf available in both retail reagent and bulk packages. Current catalog products include viral proteins, cytokines, and signal proteins.

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