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Leadership team

Dr. Daniel I.C. Wang
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board
Institute Professor from MIT
Member of National Academy of Engineering,
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Academia Sinica
Dr. Liangzhi Xie
President and CEO
Former Research Fellow from Merck & Company
Professor, Director of Cell Culture R&D Center, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College
Expert in 1000-plan Program (China)

Company news

• March, 2016 Zika virus-related recombinant proteins and gene products launched
• Decemer, 2015 All Sino Biological employees attended the annual meeting
• November, 2015 Sino Biological sponsored the16th Peking University Biomedical Forum
• October, 2015 President Liangzhi Xie was selected as 2015 annual Beijing Example

Exhibition information

10th World Immune Regulation Meeting
Enmore Bio Conference

Distributors    (90+ Distributors worldwide)

• THP Medical Products Vertriebs
Shuttleworthstraße 19 1210 Wien Austria
• Jomar Life Research
1 Dalmore Drive Caribbean Park Scoresby Victoria 3179 Australia
• Bio-Connect B.V.
Begonialaan 3A 6851 TE HUISSEN THE Netherlands
Vladimira Nevskogo st.59-166 Voronezh, 394005 Russian Federation
• Lab Research do Brasil Ltda
R. Cel. José Benjamin 272 - Pe. Eustáquio - Belo Horizonte MG - 30720-430
• Cedarlane
4410 Paletta Court, Burlington, ON L7L 5R2 Canad
• THP Medical Products Vertriebs
Shuttleworthstraße 19 1210 Wien Austria
• Nordic BioSite
Nordic BioSite ApS Toldbodgade 18, 5 DK-1253 Copenhagen Denmark

Our story

(Since 2007, story continues.)
Emerging Leader in Protein Production and Antibody Development
20+ High-end talents from abroad
400+ R & D team
90+ Countries delivered to worldwide
19000+ Labs delivered to worldwide
Top 10 Pharm corporations served
Famous universities, research institutes
Government research institutes (CDC, NIH)
Famous hospitals at home and abroad

Honor & Awards

ISO9001 international quality system certification

D&B D-U-N-S®; Registered™

Beijing Biomedical Industry Spanning Development Project
(G20 member)

Product advantages

Largest bank of proteins R&D worldwide Recombinant proteins with premium quality Antibodies with premium quality Strict quality control
7000+recombinant protein / antiboies
Reagents in stock
2000 new proteins every year
85% by eukaryotic cells
Purity ≥95%
Activity higer than foreign brands
Optional multiple species
Optional tag-free / multiple tag
Product customization
Natural immunogen, better affinity, better specificity
Exclusive 2nd generation of rabbit monoclonal antibody technology
Serum-free hybridoma culture
Advanced preparation technology
Super-high stability (distribution at room temperature)
Natural samples as QC samples, multiple detection methods guarantee product quality
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Company history

January, 2007 Founded in Beijing.
April, 2008 Launched the first batch of recombinant protein products, developed and manufactured in-house. Honored as Beijing High-Tech Enterprise.
April, 2009 Established three recombinant protein production platforms and one antibody production platform. The lab area was expanded to 5000 square meters.
April, 2010 Independently developed the second generation of rabbit monoclonal antibody technology, a leading technology in the world. Established ELISA kit production platform. Awarded as the G20 member (Beijing Biomedical Industry Spanning Development Project). Obtained ISO9001 quality certificate.
January, 2011 Provided services to the top ten global pharmaceutical companies.
April, 2011 Protein products exceeded 1700, antibody products >1000, including various detection antibodies in applications such as FCS, IHC, and enzyme/fluorescence conjugated antibodies.
July, 2012 Over 12000 products in our catalogue, including 2500+ protein products, 2300+ antibody products, sold to more than 7000 labs in 70+ countries in the world......

Contact us

Address:No.31 Kechuang 7th St, LuDong Area ,BDA Beijing P.R.China

Customer service support

Pre-sale and after-sale service
• Customized customer services : offers customized R & D services according to customers' demand
• Specialized Technical support : technical support team consists of PhDs and MDs in the field of life sciences
• Quick response : on weekdays response time for domestic customers is less than one hour, time for foreign customers is less than 24 hours
• Customer service hotline: 400-890-9989
• If you want to cooperate and consult with us, please send an email to : BD@Sinobiological.com
E-commerce platform
• Support global customers ordering online and offline
• Products in stock, arrive in 2-5 days worldwide
• Multiple payment options, including credit cards, transfers, Paypal, Alipay, checks, etc.
• Fast delivery, in collaboration with nine major international courier companies, distributed to large, medium and small cities worldwide
• Order online and search website

citations & Feedback

Ackerman, M. E., B. Moldt, et al. (2011). "A robust, high-throughput assay to determine the phagocytic activity of clinical antibody samples." J Immunol Methods366(1-2): 8-19.

Banerjee, S., A. de Freitas, et al. (2011). "Intracellular HMGB1 negatively regulates efferocytosis." J Immunol187(9): 4686-4694.
Customer feedback
US, A Biotech Company in Philadelphia:Thanks, that's great. By the way your recombinant RSVF protein works very well in biosensor experiments. It binds Synagis.