Elite ELISA Kits

Why can it be a leading-edge ELISA Kit ?
Every ELISA Kit is tested by 8 international QC standards. Advanced QC technology can ensure high quality with affordable price.

Why 8 QC standards are absolutely necessary ?
To guarantee high quality. No matter in qualitative detection or quantitative detection, imprecise result can be blocked from the beginning.

8 international QC test indicator

Recovery   Natural
sample test
  Interference   Stability   Precision   The limit of

IL 4 ELISA Kit comparison among different brands

IL 4 target  ELISA Kit from Sino Biological Inc.  A high-end brand  A middle-end brand  A low-end brand 
Standard curve  10.9-700pg/ml   31.2 - 2,000 pg/mL   10.24-400pg/mL  3.12-200ng/ml
The limit of detection   2.5pg/ml   10 pg/mL  2pg/mL 0.78ng/ml
Precision    CV is less than 15% in intra-assay or inter-assay  CV is less than 15% in intra-assay or inter-assay  CV is less than 15% in intra-assay or inter-assay  -- 
Recovery    80-120%  80-120%  80-120%  -- 
Linearity test  80-120%  80-120%  80-120%  -- 
Natural sample test  cell culture supernatant   cell culture supernatant   --  -- 
Cross reactivity  37 targets tested  32 targets tested  7 targets tested  -- 
Interference test  37 targets tested  32 targets tested  7 targets tested  -- 

ELISA Kit of Cytokines

Dendritic cell
NK cell

ELISA Kit Promotion List

Target Linearity range(pg/ml) Natural sample test Cat No.
Human CXCL9 / MIG  15.63-1000   Human serum  KIT10888 
Human Fractalkine / CX3CL1  7.82-500   Human milk  KIT10636 
Human GM-CSF/CSF2  7.81-500   Cell culture supernates   KIT10015 
Human IL10/Interleukin-10   23.44-1500  Cell culture supernates   KIT10947 
Human IL-12 (IL12A & IL12B Heterodimer)   39.07-2500   Cell culture supernates   KITCT011 
Human IL13/ALRH  4.69-300   Cell culture supernates   KIT10369 
Human IL17A/IL17  4.6-300    Cell culture supernates   KIT12047 
Human IL32  62.5-4000   Human serum  KIT11064 
Human IL4 / Interleukin-4  7.8-500    Cell culture supernates   KIT11846 
Human MCP-1/CCL2  3.91-250   Human serum  KIT10134 
Human TGFB1 (LAP) / TGF-beta 1  46.9-3000    Human serum  KIT10804 
Human TNF-alpha/TNFA  23.44-1500   Cell culture supernates   KIT10602 
Human TNF-beta  7.82-500   Cell culture supernates   KIT10270 
Mouse IL16  5.17-350   Mouse serum  KIT51303 
Mouse IL17A/IL-17A/IL17 ELISA  23.4-1500  Cell culture supernates   KIT51065 
Mouse IL-18  23.44-1500   Mouse serum  KIT50073 
Mouse IL1A / IL-1A / IL-1F1  6.56-420   Mouse serum  KIT50114 
Influenza H7N9 (A/Anhui/1/2013)  HA   15.6-1000  Recombinant protein  KIT40103 
Influenza H7N9  HA   15.6-1000  Recombinant protein  KIT40104 
Influenza H1N1  HA   18.75-1200  Recombinant protein  KIT11055 
Influenza A H1N1 (A/Puerto Rico/8/1934)  HA  46.88-3000  Recombinant protein  KIT11684 
Influenza H3N2 Hemagglutinin / HA   625-40000  Recombinant protein  KIT11056 
Influenza A H4N6 (A/mallard/Ohio/657/2002)  HA   62.5-4000  Recombinant protein  KIT11714 
Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1) p24 / Capsid Protein p24   15.63-1000  Recombinant protein  KIT11695 
Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1) gp120  62.5-4000  Recombinant protein  KIT11233 
Human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) (A2) Fusion glycoprotein  93.75-6000  Recombinant protein  KIT11049